Moss Removal – Bill’s Restaurant – Horsham

After initial contact from Bill’s opening manager – we were asked to quote for the removal from their restaurant which is situated in the Old Town House in Horsham. This was a challenging job for a variety of reasons.

* The building is listed
* We would need to work and liaise with Horsham Council
* The property is the centre piece of Horsham town centre.

Over the weeks leading up to the start of the job we had to trial our methods on very small areas in front of Horsham Council, a heritage inspector and the openings manager. This required extremely high levels of safety precautions along with various very detailed method statements and risk assessments.

After various tests we came to the agreement with all involved that using a superheated water system called the Torik would be the ideal machine to clean this listed building. The hot water means there is actually very little pressure placed onto the building itself which helps to massively reduce any potential damage. We all agreed that using a pressure washer, no matter at what reduced pressure level, would be far too intrusive to the surface of the building and could cause a great deal of damage.

Planning permission had to be achieved via Horsham Council due to the location of the works and we were given strict deadlines upon when we could work during the day and all areas were fenced off to the public with various signage displayed.

This job took us around 3 weeks to complete and was a massive success. The building looks as good as new and both Bill’s and the Council were extremely happy with our works.